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We are deeply saddened and disappointed by our government who has yet again made a decision with a devastating impact on our scene. Due to the measures concerning the Corona virus that remain in effect, this year’s edition of Thunderdome will not be able to take place. Words fall short to describe how we feel now we have to postpone this edition so close to the event date.

Thunderdome will be moved to the 10th of December 2022. All tickets will remain valid for the newly announced date. If you cannot attend, we offer you the possibility to request a refund till the 4th of January 2022. All ticket buyers will receive a personal email with more information about their ticket and the offered refund possibility.

Personalization and ticket transfer are closed at this moment. More information and deadlines concerning personalization for Thunderdome 2022 will follow closer to the event date.

Nothing can soften this frustrating news, but we don’t want to leave you without a dose of hardcore. To ease a bit of the pain, we will release the official Thunderdome 2021 anthem, a massive new merchandise collection and the Thunderdome 2021 compilation in 2 weeks.

We want to thank all gabbers from around the globe for their undying support and we hope to welcome you at Thunderdome in 2022. πŸ‘Š

TYD000When Evil ReturnsA Piece of Rhyme (1992)Dis Makes Me Horny25-SixThunderdome 5 DJ Dano Let the Drumcomputer RollDJ DANO & ZEV BIG TIME NOSE MOKUMEnd Game (feat. Lisa Serenity Blundell)dj dano & liza n eliaz - energy boostDJ Dano - Welcome to the Thunderdome Thunderdome IVDJ Dano - terror is timelessDJ Dano - Marsh MellowDJ Dano - Best In The West (John Wayne Mix)D.J.Dano - Something Bigger (Here We Go Again Remix)DJ Dano Hardcore Still LivesDano And Kay D Smith – Alladin On AcidDJ Dano - Kay- D Smith _-_Question_AnswerDano The Prophet Herman Brood - Running on Coke (1998) (Unreleased)Andreas Kraemer + DJ Update - Bitterball Effect [Compulzion]2001 (The Sound Of Planet Earth) - Louder! (Original Mix) Lower East Side Records 1990Monoton Teacups In The Sky 19922001 - Fallout Lower East Side Records 1990Welcome To Thunderdome - DJ DanoDe Skippybal (dj dano)Cosmic Trash (dj dano)My House Is Your House - MOK 11Vitamin - De Woeste Man MOK6Cause A Riot (DJ Dano & Liza 'N' Eliaz Remix)Terrordrome - Dj Dano presents ooooohshit!!!Technohead I Wanna Be A Hippy (DJDano & No Sweat Remix)System 3 & DjDano - Strut That AssDJ Dano - Spirit Of FearDJ Dano - One LifeDj Dano - End GameDJ Dano - AddictionSystem 3 & DJDano - Proud Be LoudSystem 3 & DJDano - Jackhammer KissSystem 3& DJDano - From MatildaSystem 3 & Dj Dano - Faith In The KickdrumDJ Dano - At NightDJ Dano - Live Hard Forever (Ground Zero Anthem)DJ Dano - Something Bigger (HWGA R)DJ Dano - Oh YeahDJ Dano - Before We Go (Madness Dj Friendly Intro)DJ Dano - Name Of The Dj (Dj Dano Remix)DJ Dano - Alice In Donderland [Liza 'n Eliaz]DJ Dano - If Answering Machines Could TalkDJ Dano & Nico - Machines In The MachineDj Dano - Lords of Illusion for danoDJ Dano - Intro How it all beganDJ Dano - Fucking Hardcore Fierce Ruling Diva Feat. DJ Dano And Myrna Shakison - My Name Is HouseFierce Ruling Diva Feat. DJ Dano And Myrna Shakison - Here Today, HereTomorrowFierce Ruling Diva Feat. DJDano And Myrna Shakison - Rubb It InDJ Dano - how funky (dj dano 165 bpm euro-trash mix)DJ Dano - Fear Factor (Remix)DJ Dano - Needle ShockDJ Dano - Bad AttitudeDJ Dano - Nog Een KeerDJ Dano - Shooting Star RmxDJ Dano & Buzz Fuzz - Hardcore TechnoDJ Dano - Welcome To The Thunderdome (Thunder & Lightning Mix)DJ Dano Vs Van Giessen - Who Am IDJDano vs Satcom Who Am IDJ Dano Vs Marzz - 25 Six DJ Dano Vs Marzz-Marzz BassDj Dano - VempireDJ Dano - Untitled TrackDJ Dano Thunderdome - 15 Years OutroDJ Dano - Thunderdome a decadeDJ Dano - Thunderdome 1996DJ Dano - Terror Kickin OfDJ Dano - The Darkest SunshineDJ Dano - Quest for LibertyDJ Dano - Full StrengthDJ Dano - Reverse GateDJ Dano - Paradonna On SpeedDJ Dano - Parade Of LoveDJ Dano - My GodDJ Dano - Move Ya BodyDJ Dano - Track 02DJ Dano - Master of ControlDJ Dano LivemixDJ Dano - Nummer 5DJ Dano - Track 01DJ Dano - I'm gonna get YouDJ Dano - Hardcore Still LivesDJ Dano - Nummer 11DJ Dano - Fukem All (DrivebyMix)Dj Dano - First big ravesDJ Dano feat. the chosen few - what's happening!DJ Dano - ElementalDj Dano - Bust This Groove (Dj Jordens Mix)DJ Dano - Nummer 13DJ Dano - Bed DreamsDJ Dano - All I Know DJ Dano - For Those Who Like To Groove (02-05-1992)Dj DanoDJ Dano ,liza'n'eliaz - StereotypeDJ Dano ,liza'n'eliaz - StartingupDJ Dano, liza'n'eliaz - PawlowDJ Dano & The Prophet - MyHouse Is Your HouseDJ Dano - The Hole Of WhispersDJ Dano - SuckersDJ Dano - I'm In The DarkDJ DANO & LIZAN'ELIAZ - ManicCureDJ Dano - Energy BoostDJ Dano & Liza`N`Eliaz - Gimme A BreakDJ Dano - Acid Worm (Remix)DJ Dano - Tering !DJ Dano - One ThingDJ Dano - T-1000 (H-K) (DJ Dano Mix)DJ Dano & The Prophet (Master Remix) (I Love It)DJ Dano - Cosmic TrashDJ Dano - S T P & H T PDJ Dano - Put It On The TableDJ Dano - We Like That GrooveDJ Dano - First FightDJ Dano -BBQ HardcoreDJ Dano - Beat 4 Me [Original Mix]DJ Dano - Beat 4 Me [Illegal Tunnel Mix]DJ Dano - Question? Answer!DJ Dano - Bottom Line, TheDJ Dano - Big Time NoseDJ Dano - Laughed RideDJ Dano - Toxic BaseDJ Dano - My name is HouseDJ Dano - Best In The WestDJ Dano 25% Of The Dreamteam - Aw,Awwh!
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